Swiss- PVD SA, based in Switzerland since its foundation, is active in the global market in the construction of vacuum machines.

The company is committed to respond to the market's demands and the needs of the current technology, by investing continuously in research and development. Also, the team successfully implemented with clients, ensuring their production more economical, which is why Swiss- PVD SA is your partner for the future.

The main impact of a PVD coating on the performance of use of a tool is essentially defined by the thickness, structure and the adhesion of the layer on the tool.

So you can save yourself the frustrating search for the optimal coating in the plethora available, if you take into account the dominant wear mechanism of your application and if you get to know the characteristic properties of PVD layers.

Here are the different products we propose you:

  • EXON-1500 machine
  • EXON-700 machine
  • Magnetron Sputtering machine
  • Medical machine
  • Machine for watchmaking