We build machines for the watchmaker industry on request which are used for the spraying (bias) DC (direct current, pulsed) or HF (high frequency, radio frequency).

During the process, we can distinguish the reactive spraying (gas N2) of the spraying with inert gas (for example Ar). During the reactive spraying, atoms expelled from the target and constituting the deposit are accompanied with reactive gas which reacts with the atoms of the target; in other words, in the gas of spraying (Ar) is added a reactive gas (such as the nitrogen N2). This reactive gas reacts chemically with the metallic atoms expelled from the target and settles as combined product. 

The temperatures of processes, lower than 150°C, are generally between 30°C and 80°C. The substratum undergoes generally no modification (any deformation, either loss of hardness, or modification of the microstructure). 

Thanks to the production of its machines, we have developed partnerships with Switzerland's biggest watch-making brands.